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Jocko Krill Oil Review

Jocko Krill Oil is an essential part of my daily stack and it should be part of yours. From easing joint aches to the many benefits, you need krill oil in your daily supplements.

Legion Whey Isolate Protein Review

Legion is one of the most popular supplement brands on the market. Here is our review of their popular Legion Whey Isolate Protein.

Are You Intaking Enough Fiber per Day?

Consuming too much or too little though can cause issues. Let's go over if you're getting enough fiber per day.

Should You Be Incorporating Meditation in Your Training?

Meditation is an important aspect for your mental health. Should you be including meditation into your training?

Signs You Should Spend More Time Recovering

Taking time to recover is very important to reach your goals. We'll be going over clear signs you may not be taking enough time to recover.

Why You Should be Including Resistance Training into Your Life

People tend to avoid resistance training. Let's go why and why resistance training is good and how you can get started.

Should You Be Including More Fish in Your Diet?

Having fish in your diet is important. Too much and too little can cause issues though, so should you be including more in your diet?

Jocko GO - Review

Jocko GO is an energy drink by Origin Maine. How does it fair out overall and is it truly effective and good for you?

How To Return to the Gym in a COVID World

Going to gym during COVID is difficult. However, this article is going to break down how to do so and the factors you should be considering.

When is the Best Time to Bulk and Cut?

Bulking and cutting are cycles part of many people's training to meet their body composition goals. When is the best time to go on a bulk or cut though?

Why You Should be Training and Not Just Exercising

It's easy to just want to get a good workout in. However, having a planned training program will help you meet your goals faster.

Introducing the Workout Generator and How to Use It

The Workout Generator is a new feature on Blob Fitness to generate a workout based on your experience level, equipment, and workout type.

Are There Any Benefits to Extreme Diets?

Extreme diets aren't needed to meet your goals. Extreme diets don't equal extreme results. Are there any true benefits to extreme diets?

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Jump Roping

Starting jump roping can be a game-changer. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, it has a place in your workout.

How Should You Warm Up Before a Workout?

A warm up in general is important before your workout. What is the best way for you to warm up? Long or short warm ups? Find out more.

Jocko MOLK Protein - Review

Jocko MOLK is a great to supplement overall and makes you want to get after it! How does it stack up compared to other proteins? Review here.

How Much Protein Do I Need per Day?

Protein is a vital part of maintaining and building muscle. You may be consuming too much protein or too little though.

Does Exercising with Extra Clothing Make a Difference?

Have you or you've seen others exercising with extra clothing before? It may look like harder, but is the output worth it?

Do You Need to Track Macros and Calories Every Day?

Tracking Macros and Calories is important, but do you need to do it every day? Let's break down whether it's necessary for you to do so.

How to Keep Fit During the Holidays

Keeping fit during the holidays can be hard. It doesn't have to be though! We go through some ways for you to keep fit during the holidays.

3 Reasons Why You Should Weigh Yourself in the Morning

It can be discourgaging to see your weight fluctate and not know why. If you weigh yourself in the morning, it may solve your problems.

Outwork Nutrition Pre-Workout - Review

The Outwork Nutrition Pre-workout is a new supplement by Dr. Layne Norton. This review will go over the product and it's effectivness.

Can Collagen Help With Weight Training?

Collagen has many benefits to it and is vital to our systems. However, can collagen help and assist you with weight training?

Tips to Creating a Sustainable Diet

A sustainable diet is ideal, but it may be difficult to create something that is sustainable. Here are tips to create a sustainable diet.

What Is Progressive Overload and Why Is It Important?

Progressive overload is discussed by experienced lifters but should be understood by beginners. Let's go over what it and its importance.

How to Wake Up Early in the Morning

Waking up in the morning can be a chore and the alarm clock may be keeping you in bed. Let's go over how to wake up early in the morning.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Working Out Early

Can working out early be one habit be the most positive lifestyle change you make though? Here's 5 reasons why you should start working out early.

5 BFR Training Benefits

BFR Training benefits you in too many ways not to utilize it in your training. If you've been injured or have had a setback, it might be perfect for you.

How to Sustain Your Weight Loss

It's not easy to sustain your weight loss. In my opinion, it's the hardest part of someone's weight loss journey. Let's see how you can sustain it.

Supplements vs Whole Foods, Does it Make a Difference?

Supplements vs Whole Foods is always up for debate. Most say that whole foods are better, but does it really make a difference if you supplement instead?

5 Reasons to Start Training with Kettlebells

Kettlebells have been all the rage recently. They also have the right to be especially during COVID times. Find out why you should use kettlebells.

Beer Cheese Dip

If you're looking for a new beer cheese dip that not only tastes great but also includes more protein (without detriment taste) look no further!

Principles to Create the Perfect Diet For You

Dieting is one of the main key components of good health. We're going to break down how to create a perfect diet for you.

Does Training to Failure Have Any Benefits?

Training to failure gets talked about a lot when in the gym and something many people do. Is it something that belongs in your workout though?

BBQ Apricot Wings

Learn how to make delicious wings just in time for Football season!

How to Keep Fit During a Pandemic

Due to COVID-19 gyms and park are closed. How are you suppose to keep in shape? Here is a guide to keep fit during a pandemic.

Do the Murph Challenge this Memorial Day

The Murph Challenge is an annual workout to do on a memorial day to honor Lt., Michael Murphy. 1-mile run. 100 push-ups. 200 push-ups. 300 Squats. 1-mile run.

Are Deload Weeks Necessary?

One critical factor that’s often forgotten when it comes to training is deload weeks. Deload weeks can help break your plateau and minimize injury.

Do Elevation Masks Improve Your Cardio?

You’ll see athletes and movie stars wearing elevation masks for intense training. With all the hype behind them, how well do they work though?

Exercises to Fix Your Posture

A great majority of us don’t have great posture. It makes us feel less confident in ourselves and our abilities. These exercises can help you correct your posture

How to Utilize BFR Training

Blood Flow Restriction sounds like a scary topic to discuss. However, using this tool will bring up your strength and muscular gain insanely quick!

Lose Weight Easily. A Step by Step Process

With so many fad diets out there, it’s easy to lose sight on the key process on how to lose weight. Knowing these key points will give your weight loss journey clarity and simplicity.

Best Music to Listen to When you Workout

Music is a great resource that fuels my workout. Here are some of my suggested songs and genres to take your workout to a new level!

Benefits Of Creatine

Most people hear the word creatine and think it’s some type of steroid. Creatine is actually natural and using it as supplementation can give you amazing results.

Overcoming Setbacks and Injuries

Injuries can derail you from where you want to be in your training. Overcoming these setbacks will get you back stronger and better than before.

Tips to Improve Your Squat

Squatting usually gets a bad rep in the community due to injuries. The squat is not a bad workout but when performed incorrectly can cause injury. Let's look at some ways to fix your squat.

Crushing Your New Year's Goals

A New Year means new challenges and goals. Here are a few tips on how to achieve your goals this upcoming year.

Mind and Muscle Connection

It's easy to throw weights around and be kind of mindless during your workouts. However, this may be what is keeping you back from seeing your full potential.

Fixing Tight Glutes

Tight glutes can cause many issues especially in your lower back. In this post, we go over how to fix it.

Is Cardio Detrimental to Gains?

Cardio is known to most weight lifters as evil. It ruins all the gains and would cause setbacks in strength and hypertrophy. Is this just bro science? or is there merit to this?

Forget Motivation, Get Disciplined

We always focus on getting motivated on to complete the next task. It's time to forget motivation and get disciplined.

Squat Bible - a Review

Squatting is a complex move to perform and cause injuries if not done properly. I review Dr. Aaron Horschig's book on mastering the squat. Squat Bible a Review

Changing Your Mindset on Training

Training is very difficult. It requires plenty of physical and mental energy and it's hard to get up and go do it. A simple change in mindset can get you to start training more.

Why are Macros Important?

Counting your macros can be one of the most beneficial things you can do and can change your results tremendously.

What is BMR?

Your BMR is a baseline of how many calories you need to intake per day. Knowing this, you can adjust your calories to hit your goals based on your lifestyle.

What is the Wilks Formula?

The Wilks formula is a powerful tool to help people see how strong they truly are.

What is a one rep max

In this post, we go over what is one rep max and how it can benefit you.

Changing Your Mindset On Food

A great majority of people struggle with maintaining a proper diet because of cravings for other foods. To break these habits, you need to change your mindset.