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Weight Lifting

Signs You Should Spend More Time Recovering

Taking time to recover is very important to reach your goals. We'll be going over clear signs you may not be taking enough time to recover.

Why You Should be Including Resistance Training into Your Life

People tend to avoid resistance training. Let's go why and why resistance training is good and how you can get started.

Why You Should be Training and Not Just Exercising

It's easy to just want to get a good workout in. However, having a planned training program will help you meet your goals faster.

Introducing the Workout Generator and How to Use It

The Workout Generator is a new feature on Blob Fitness to generate a workout based on your experience level, equipment, and workout type.

Does Exercising with Extra Clothing Make a Difference?

Have you or you've seen others exercising with extra clothing before? It may look like harder, but is the output worth it?

Can Collagen Help With Weight Training?

Collagen has many benefits to it and is vital to our systems. However, can collagen help and assist you with weight training?

What Is Progressive Overload and Why Is It Important?

Progressive overload is discussed by experienced lifters but should be understood by beginners. Let's go over what it and its importance.

5 BFR Training Benefits

BFR Training benefits you in too many ways not to utilize it in your training. If you've been injured or have had a setback, it might be perfect for you.

5 Reasons to Start Training with Kettlebells

Kettlebells have been all the rage recently. They also have the right to be especially during COVID times. Find out why you should use kettlebells.

Does Training to Failure Have Any Benefits?

Training to failure gets talked about a lot when in the gym and something many people do. Is it something that belongs in your workout though?